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Hindi Recipes welcomes experts and technologists from the industry. Either you are a student who wants to publish about your project or a business who wants to reach the audience who read Hindi recipes, we openly welcome you.

Guest Post Submission guidelines

You must read the following guidelines before you submit a guest post to you.

Steps to follow to submit a guest post

  1. The Content must be written in your own simple words, avoiding jargon.
  2. Articles that are published on any other platform aren’t allowed for submission. (Don’t waste your time, We check every article).
  3. The article should not be published anywhere in the future in any other online platform (Either personal or commercial). You can share a snippet of the content and share the original link to read more.
  4. Wordcount of the article should be as per the following table or more
Type Word Count
Business Articles 400+ words
Product promotion 300+ words
Buying Guide 1800+ words
Editorial Articles 400+ words
Research Papers 800+ words
How to xyz? 800+ words
Review 400+ words
Critic 400+ words


Your guest post must have

  1. Grammar checked (use Grammarly)
  2. Plagiarism Checker (use
  3. Correctly Formatted (Standard Article Formatting, use h1, h2,4, and paragraph)
  4. The article should make sense to the readers
  5. Relevant Images
  6. 1 Feature image in the size 1200px X 700px
  7. Citations to relevant and authentic sources

Terms of Publishing

  1. Hindi Recipe and its associates reserve the right to accept or reject the article.
  2. If the article violates any of our rules of “guest post”, we will delete the article without any information.
  3. Any SEO activities on the guest post that harms Hindi Recipe directly or indirectly will be removed.
  4. The article will also be removed If the article defames or misrepresents any brand without verifiable sources.
  5. Hindi Recipe respects individuals, brands, and the government.
  6. Any content that harms the public on a mass scale cannot be a part of the Hindi Recipe platform and shall be removed.
  7. The Original Guest Post Author will be responsible for any legal case or cause. Hindi Recipe will no more than offer the data available about the author.
  8. The Content that temporarily passes all our criteria and changes later will be removed and if paid publishing fee will not be refunded.

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